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Coba is an American-Japanese style Japanese bistro run by Oleg Shin. The main dish is hand rolls. Crispy hand-rolled nori leaves with warm Japanese Akita Komachi rice and premium seafood. Warm and cold, neutral and salty, crunchy and soft — the contrasts of ingredients and flavors create the magic of this dish. Hand rolls are served only in a restaurant and it is recomended to eat them in about 30 seconds, so that the rice does not have time to cool down and the nori loses its crunch.

Oleg Shin

Chef Oleg Shin has been working with Japanese cuisine since 1997. During this time, has long been favorite of the capital gourmets, who know him for the restaurants Buba, CutFish, Reka, Modus and Tokyo sushi. Last year, Oleg Shin won the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks.


Coba serves sushi, sashimi, various types of miso soup (with mushrooms, crab or salmon), as well as fish broth with seaweed, shrimp, scallop and enoki mushrooms.

The snacks menu presents edamame spicy beans and sea salt, kaiso seaweed, plump shrimp in spicy tom yam sauce or sweet wasabi, eel poke, salmon and tuna.


The inner space decoration for 35 seats is based on the classic sushi bistro: handmade wooden structures; red varnish in the open kitchen; lamps resembling paper lanterns; walls sculpted by artists in the form of fish scales. The interior is decorated with drawings by the Japanese aesthetics specialist Anna Semida, transferred to the wood with ink using the sumie technique.

Hand rolls are not packed to go, as the rice cools and the nori loses its crunch. Therefore, guests are offered take-away sets, where various options for cut-rolls twisted with a mat are presented. In special boxes, similar to the Japanese lunch box bento, they can be taken to have lunch in the park or at the workplace, or ordered for delivery.

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